2020 — Zhylpas. Photography of Zhanna Vozbrannaya (self-published)

2018 — Lviv–God’s Will (Overlapse, UK) 2017 — Backspaces (self-published)

Personal exhibitions

2022 — "Subach / Poliakov / 2022" in Szara gallery, in scope of Друг друга / Druh Druha — Ukrainian art in galleries of Warsaw (PL)

2020 — “Жилпас”. Photos by Zhanna Vozbrannaya at Kherson Musuem of Contemporary Art (Ukraine). In collaboration with Elena Subach.

2020 — Posters on walls of Hamburg, Galerie 21 im Künstlerhaus Vorwerkstift

2019 — Heroic Trip, Szara gallery (Katowice, Poland) 2019 — City of Gardens, EEP Berlin 2018 — Subach/Poliakov, The Naked Room gallery (Kyiv)

Group projects & exhibitions

2022 — "Ukraine Unmuted" by Cultural Strategy Institute (UA) in Kaunas Center of Architecture (LV) 2022 — “Stand with Ukraine” is the scope of Photaumnales festival (#19 Cartographies) in Palace Saint-Etienne (Beauvais, FR) by Diaphane photographic centre 2022 — "The Path to Freedom" by Noorderlicht at Akerk, Groningen (NL)

2022 — "Foreboding Landscape" by Odessa Photo Days, series of exhibitions:
@ La Chambre in Strasburg (FR)
@ Palais de Tokyo in the frame of The Parliament of Photography, Paris
@ Fotofestival Lodz (PL)

2022 — "Unfolding Landscapes", series of exhibitions:
@ Art Centre Silkeborg Bad (Denmark)
@ Art & History Museum Brussels
@ KunstZeugHaus (Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland)

2022 — "With Ukraine" at Hinterconti gallery, Hamburg (DE)

2022 — ”Slava Ukraini” at Czwartek gallery (Warsaw)

2021 — "Imaginary Architecture for Imaginary Communities" at Galeria Centrala (Poznan, Poland)

2021 — "Sensitivity. Contemporary Ukrainian photography" at Mystetskyi Arsenal (Kyiv) 2020 — Brüdershaft. Deutsche Wochen in der Ukraine (Kyiv, Dnipro, Harkiv)

2020 — “XEPAPT” by Kherson Musuem of Contemporary Art (Ukraine)

2020 — “Alternative archeology: Uzhgorod”. Book by Periscope (Ukraine) 2020 — Staged Realities, Outdoor Exhibition by OSTLOOK+EEP Berlin. Part of "POSTWEST \\ guess where" at Transcultural Festival, Volksbühne Berlin

2019 — "Let’s Talk About Modernity" by 24H Extended at Jam Factory (Lviv, Ukraine)

2019 — "Ukrainian Cross-Section" (Український Зріз) at Triennale of Contemporary Art (Lviv, Ukraine)

2019 — II Biennale of Young Ukrainian Art (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

2019 — "How to deal with history" by Ostlook platform at Kolga Tbilisi Photo Festival (Georgia)

2019 — Riga Photomonth 2018 — New East Photo Prize exhibition by Calvert Journal (London) 2018 — Circulations Festival (Paris) 2018 — Athens Photo Festival (Greece) 2018 — "Somewhere now" (Tam gdzie teraz) in Galerię Labirynt (Lublin, Poland) 2018 — Gallery Mercatorplein in Amsterdam West, the open air exhibition by FoAm 2017–18 — Foam Talents travelling exhibition:

@ Foam Fotografiemuseum (Amsterdam)

@ Red Hook Labs (NYC)

@ Beaconsfield (London)

@ Frankfurter Kunstverein (Frankfurt)

2017 — Fotofestiwal Lodz Grand Prix section (Poland) 2017 — Krakow Photomonth festival ShowOff section (Poland) 2017 — The Festival of Young Ukrainian Artists by Mysteskyi Arsenal (Kyiv) 2017 — Ostrale Biennale (Dresden, Germany)

2017 — "Knowns-Unknowns. Lviv' photography after the year 2000". Ludwik Zamenhof Centre at Białystok Interphoto Festival (Poland)

2016 — "GalKult: Western Ukrainian Art Exhibition" at Yermilov Centre (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

2015 — Odesa/Batumi PhotoDays festival (Batumi, Georgia)

2013–2014 — "Terra Futura" festivals. Photography, media, installation (Kherson, Ukraine)

2013 — "New Breath of Culture: Fill Heritage with Life of Arts” by Totem at museums in Signangi and Kutaisi (Georgia)

2012 — "Lviv Alternative Art Guide" by Symbolum Sacrum Foundation (Lviv, Ukraine)

Awards & mentions

2018 — Gaude Polonia scolarship by National Centre for Culture Poland

2017 — FOAM Talent 2017 — Vienna Photobook Festival Award (3rd place) 2017 — Laureate of the Krakow Photomonth festival (ShowOff) 2017 — Grand Prix Fotofestiwal Lodz finalist 2017 — Shortlist of the Prix Levallois

2017 — 3rd place at the Festival of Young Ukrainian Artists by Mysteskyi Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2014 — Stipendiate of the Symbolum Sacrum Foundation in Lviv (Ukraine) and Rotterdam (Netherlands)


Viacheslav Poliakov is a visual artist, photographer, graphic designer. He was born in 1986 in Herson, Ukraine. Obtained a master’s degree in Art Education from Herson State University. Works as an interaction designer. Based in Lviv, Ukraine.

Viacheslav is a finalist of Foam Talents, Vienna Photobook Festival, Circulations, Krakow Photomonth Showoff, Fotofestival Lodz Grand Prix, Prix Levallois. His works were published in the Foam Magazine, The British Journal of Photography, GUP magazine, Lensculture, The Washington Post.

My bio

I was born in 1986 in Herson, a sea port and an industrial hub at the south of Ukraine. The year of Chernobyl, five years before the fall of the Soviet Union. My parents had a hard time.

I obtained a master’s degree in Art Education from Herson State University, mixing traditional ink drawings with 3D graphics. Since then I have worked as a designer in various areas: graphic, motion, interaction. Never in art or education.

After university, I joined a community grouped around "Totem" cultural center and have got influenced by such artists as Stas Volyazlovskiy, Slava Mashnitskiy, Max Afanasiev. In 2012 I focused on photography and moved to Lviv. I met Elena Subach and we started to work as an artistic duo.

I see my projects at the intersection of photography and design. I'm also into photobooks and self-publishing.